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1. Tetanus NounLockjaw

An acute and serious infection of the central nervous system caused by bacterial infection of open wounds; spasms of the jaw and laryngeal muscles may occur during the late stages.


ٹٹنس کی بیماری

Infection - the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms.

Useful Words

Acute, Intense - extremely sharp or intense; "acute pain".

Bacterial - relating to or caused by bacteria; "bacterial infection".

Central, Exchange, Telephone Exchange - a workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where lines from telephones can be connected together to permit communication.

During - At some time in; concurrently with; "kindly don't sleep during my lectures".

Infection - the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms; "Then i got an infection".

Jaw - the part of the skull of a vertebrate that frames the mouth and holds the teeth.

Laryngeal - of or relating to or situated in the larynx; "laryngeal infection".

Late - having died recently; "her late husband".

May - the month following April and preceding June; "Since May".

Flighty, Nervous, Skittish, Spooky - unpredictably excitable (especially of horses).

Come About, Fall Out, Go On, Hap, Happen, Occur, Pass, Pass Off, Take Place - come to pass; "It has happened as feared".

Open, Surface - information that has become public; "all the reports were out in the open".

Dangerous, Grave, Grievous, Life-Threatening, Serious, Severe - causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm; "A grave situation".

System - instrumentality that combines interrelated interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity; "he bought a new stereo system".

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