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1. Abusive Opprobrious, Scurrilous

Expressing offensive reproach.

توہین آمیز

فحش زبان

Offensive - causing anger or annoyance.

2. Abusive

Characterized by physical or psychological maltreatment.

Abusive punishment.
Argued...that foster homes are abusive.

غیر مہذب

Harmful - causing or capable of causing harm.

Useful Words

Abuse, Ill-Treatment, Ill-Usage, Maltreatment - cruel or inhumane treatment; "the child showed signs of physical abuse".

Offence, Offense, Offensive - the action of attacking an enemy.

Forcible, Physical, Strong-Arm - impelled by physical force especially against resistance; "forcible entry".

Reproach - a mild rebuke or criticism; "words of reproach".

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