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1. Ash-Bin NounAsh Bin, Ashbin, Ashcan, Dustbin, Garbage Can, Trash Barrel, Trash Bin, Trash Can, Wastebin

A bin that holds rubbish until it is collected.

Put garbage in dustbin.

کچرا دان

کوڑے دان

Bin - a container; usually has a lid.

Useful Words

Bin - ڈبا - a container; usually has a lid.

Collected, Gathered - مجتمع - brought together in one place; "the collected works of Milton".

Clasp, Clench, Clutch, Clutches, Grasp, Grip, Hold - پکڑ / گرفت - the act of grasping; "he released his clasp on my arm".

It - یہ - وہ - Used of a nonhuman entity; "رہنے دو".

Applesauce, Codswallop, Folderol, Rubbish, Trash, Tripe, Trumpery, Wish-Wash - بکواس - nonsensical talk or writing.

Until, Till - تک - Up to the time of; "He worked till night".

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