1. Assign VerbDelegate, Depute, Designate

Give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person).

ذمے کرنا

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2. Assign VerbAllot, Portion

Give out.

We were assigned new uniforms.

دے دینا

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3. Assign VerbAscribe, Attribute, Impute

Attribute or credit to.

We attributed this quotation to Shakespeare.
People impute great cleverness to cats.

کسی کےنام کرنا

4. Assign VerbSet Apart, Specify

Select something or someone for a specific purpose.

The teacher assigned him to lead his classmates in the exercise.


5. Assign VerbPut

Attribute or give.

She put too much emphasis on her the last statement.
He put all his efforts into this job.+ More


6. Assign VerbArrogate

Make undue claims to having.

بے جا مطالبہ کرنا

7. Assign Verb

Transfer one's right to.

حق دینا

See Also

Post - assign to a post; put into a post.

Devolve - pass on or delegate to another.

Task - assign a task to.

Delegate, Depute - transfer power to someone.

Useful Words

Assign, Set Apart, Specify - select something or someone for a specific purpose; "The teacher assigned him to lead his classmates in the exercise".

Appointment, Assignment, Designation, Naming - the act of putting a person into a non-elective position; "the appointment had to be approved by the whole committee".

Give, Spring, Springiness - the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length.

Come Out, Out - be made known; be disclosed or revealed; "The truth will out".

Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul - a human being; "Unknown individuals".

Chore, Job, Task - a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee; "The farmer`s morning chores".

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