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1. Attempt NounEffort, Endeavor, Endeavour, Try

Earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something.

Made an effort to cover all the reading material.
Wished him luck in his endeavor.+ More


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2. Attempt VerbAssay, Essay, Seek, Try

Make an effort or attempt.

I tried alot.
Do not try to put me off.+ More

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3. Attempt NounAttack

The act of attacking.

Attacks on women increased last year.
They made an attempt on his life.

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See Also

Best - the supreme effort one can make.

Bid, Play - an attempt to get something.

Contribution, Part, Share - the part played by a person in bringing about a result.

Useful Words

Accomplish, Action, Carry Out, Carry Through, Execute, Fulfil, Fulfill - put in effect; "carry out a task".

Activeness, Activity - the trait of being active; moving or acting rapidly and energetically; "the level of activity declines with age".

Attack, Attempt - the act of attacking; "attacks on women increased last year".

Conscientious, Painstaking, Scrupulous - characterized by extreme care and great effort; "Conscientious worker".

Do, Doctor Of Osteopathy - doctor`s degree in osteopathy.

Earnest - something of value given by one person to another to bind a contract.

Effort, Exploit, Feat - a notable achievement; "he performed a great feat".

Make - act in a certain way so as to acquire; "make friends".

Something - An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

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