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1. Blood Brother NounBrother

A male with the same parents as someone else.

Brother she does not talk.
My brother is not less than anyone.+ More



Half Brother, Half-Brother, Stepbrother - a brother who has only one parent in common with you.

Useful Words

Else - اور - Other; different; "Didn`t you find anything else to do ?".

Male - نر - an animal that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that can fertilize female gametes (ova).

Parent - باپ یا ماں - a father or mother; one who begets or one who gives birth to or nurtures and raises a child; a relative who plays the role of guardian.

Like, Same - برابر - equal in amount or value; "like amounts".

Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul - انسان / فرد - a human being; "The person who I told you about".

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