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1. Castigate VerbChasten, Chastise, Correct, Objurgate

Censure severely.

She chastised him for his insensitive remarks.

سرزش کرنا

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2. Castigate Verb

Inflict severe punishment on.

سزا دینا

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See Also

Bawl Out, Berate, Call Down, Call On The Carpet, Chew Out, Chew Up, Chide, Dress Down, Have Words, Jaw, Lambast, Lambaste, Lecture, Rag, Rebuke, Remonstrate, Reprimand, Reproof, Scold, Take To Task, Trounce - censure severely or angrily.

Useful Words

Animadversion, Censure - harsh criticism or disapproval.

Bring Down, Impose, Inflict, Visit - impose something unpleasant; "The principal visited his rage on the students".

On - in operation or operational; "left the oven on".

Penalisation, Penalization, Penalty, Punishment - the act of punishing.

Dangerous, Grave, Grievous, Life-Threatening, Serious, Severe - causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm; "A grave situation".

Badly, Gravely, Seriously, Severely - to a severe or serious degree; "fingers so badly frozen they had to be amputated".

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