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1. Confidential : خفیہ : Entrusted with private information and the confidence of another.

A confidential secretary.

Private - confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy.

2. Confidential, Secret : خفیہ معلومات : (of information) given in confidence or in secret.

This arrangement must be kept confidential.
Their secret communications.

Private - confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy.

3. Confidential : مخفی - پوشیدہ : Denoting confidence or intimacy.

A confidential approach.
In confidential tone of voice.

Close - close in relevance or relationship.

Another, Some Other - کسی اور - any of various alternatives; some other; "Another day off".

Assurance, Authority, Confidence, Self-Assurance, Self-Confidence, Sureness - اعتماد - freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities; "his assurance in his superiority did not make him popular".

Given, Precondition, Presumption - مفروضہ - an assumption that is taken for granted.

Information - معلومات - knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction; "Get information from there".

Private - خصوصی - confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy; "a private place".

Closed Book, Enigma, Mystery, Secret - معمہ - something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained; "how it got out is a mystery".

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