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1. Cramp NounMuscle Spasm, Spasm

A painful and involuntary muscular contraction.

Cramp is common injury for athletes.



Charley Horse, Charley-Horse - a muscular cramp (especially in the thigh or calf) following vigorous exercise.

2. Cramp Verb

Secure with a cramp.

Cramp the wood.

آنکڑا لگانا

Fasten, Fix, Secure - cause to be firmly attached.

3. Cramp VerbHalter, Hamper, Strangle

Prevent the progress or free movement of.

He was hampered in his efforts by the bad weather.
The imperialist nation wanted to strangle the free trade between the two small countries.


رکاوٹ ڈالنا

Bound, Confine, Limit, Restrain, Restrict, Throttle, Trammel - place limits on (extent or access).

4. Cramp NounCramp Iron

A strip of metal with ends bent at right angles; used to hold masonry together.


Useful Words

Contraction - the act of decreasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope.

Cramp, Cramp Iron - a strip of metal with ends bent at right angles; used to hold masonry together.

Involuntary, Nonvoluntary, Unvoluntary - not subject to the control of the will; "involuntary manslaughter".

Brawny, Hefty, Muscular, Powerful, Sinewy - (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful; "a hefty athlete".

Abominable, Atrocious, Awful, Dreadful, Painful, Terrible, Unspeakable - exceptionally bad or displeasing; "atrocious taste".

Assure, Ensure, Guarantee, Insure, Secure - make certain of; "This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us".

With - with; "With whom is he?".

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