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Daramay Ka Nuskha : ڈرامے کا نسخہ

1. Prompt Copy, Promptbook : ڈرامے کا نسخہ : The copy of the playscript used by the prompter.

Naqal - Copy - a reproduction of a written record (e.g. of a legal or school record).

Rasam E Threer, Rasam Alkhat - Playscript - a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance.

Bhoolnay Par Ya..., Targheeb Daynay... - Prompter - someone who assists a performer by providing the next words of a forgotten speech.

Naqal Karna - Copy - make a replica of; "copy that drawing".

Naqal Karna, Naqal Utaarna - Copy - reproduce someone`s behavior or looks; "She imitates the teacher".

Estamal Shuda - Used - previously used or owned by another; "bought a secondhand (or used) car".

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