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1. Deliciously, Pleasurably : خوش کن انداز میں : (Adverb) In a very pleasurable manner.

They were walking along the beach slowly and deliciously.

2. Deliciously, Lusciously, Scrumptiously : عمدگی سے : (Adverb) So as to produce a delightful taste.

I bought some more of these deliciously sweet peaches.

Delicious, Delightful - زبردست - greatly pleasing or entertaining; "a delightful surprise".

Manner, Personal Manner - ڈھنگ - a way of acting or behaving; "You don`t have manners to speak ?".

Enjoyable, Gratifying, Pleasurable - پرلطف - affording satisfaction or pleasure; "the company was enjoyable".

Garden Truck, Green Goods, Green Groceries, Produce - زرعی پیداوار - fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market.

Indeed, So - واقعی - in truth (often tends to intensify); "Indeed".

Gustatory Perception, Gustatory Sensation, Taste, Taste Perception, Taste Sensation - مزا - the sensation that results when taste buds in the tongue and throat convey information about the chemical composition of a soluble stimulus; "Now taste it".

Identical, Selfsame, Very - ایک جیسا - being the exact same one; not any other:; "this is the identical room we stayed in before".

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