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1. Department Of History NounHistory Department

The academic department responsible for teaching history.

He works at Department of History.

شعبہ تاریخ

Useful Words

Academic, Academician, Faculty Member - استاد - an educator who works at a college or university; "An academician".

Department, Section - محکمہ - a specialized division of a large organization; "you'll find it in the hardware department".

Account, Chronicle, History, Story - تاریخ - a record or narrative description of past events; "a history of France".

Responsible, Responsible For - ذمہ دار - being the agent or cause; "determined who was the responsible party".

Didactics, Education, Educational Activity, Instruction, Pedagogy, Teaching - تعلیم - the activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart knowledge or skill; "What about your education?".

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