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1. Depend On VerbDepend Upon, Devolve On, Hinge On, Hinge Upon, Ride, Turn On

Be contingent on.

The outcomes rides on the results of the election.
Your grade will depends on your homework.

منحصر ہونا

Build On, Build Upon, Repose On, Rest On - be based on; of theories and claims, for example.

2. Depend On VerbDepend Upon, Rely On, Rely Upon

Put trust in with confidence.

She is someone you can really rely on when times get rough.
You can rely on his discretion.

کسی پر بھروسہ کرنا

کسی پر بھروسہ کرنا

Useful Words

Assurance, Authority, Confidence, Self-Assurance, Self-Confidence, Sureness - اعتماد - freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities; "his assurance in his superiority did not make him popular".

Contingent - ٹکڑی - a gathering of persons representative of some larger group; "each nation sent a contingent of athletes to the Olympics".

Place, Put, Set - اندازہ لگانا - estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 PM".

Trust, Trustfulness, Trustingness - اعتبار - the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others; "the experience destroyed his trust and personal dignity".

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