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1. Disperse, Dot, Dust, Scatter, Sprinkle : چھڑکنا : (Verb) Distribute loosely.

Sprinkle the salt on my slice.

Splash, Splosh, Sprinkle - cause (a liquid) to spatter about, especially with force.

2. Disperse, Break Up, Dispel, Dissipate, Scatter : الگ کرنا - منتشر کرنا : (Verb) To cause to separate and go in different directions.

She waved her hand and scattered the crowds.

3. Disperse, Break Up, Scatter : الگ کرنا - منتشر کرنا : (Verb) Cause to separate.

Break up kidney stones.
Disperse particles.

4. Disperse, Dissipate, Scatter, Spread Out : منتشر ہوجانا - بکھرجانا : (Verb) Move away from each other.

The crowds dispersed.
The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached.

Break - scatter or part.

5. Disperse, Broadcast, Circularise, Circularize, Circulate, Diffuse, Disseminate, Distribute, Pass Around, Propagate, Spread : پھیلانا - مشہور کرنا : (Verb) Cause to become widely known.

Spread information.
Circulate a rumor.+ More

Air, Bare, Publicise, Publicize - make public.

Campaign, Cause, Crusade, Drive, Effort, Movement - مقصد - a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end; "he supported populist campaigns".

Different - انوکھا - differing from all others; not ordinary; "advertising that strives continually to be different".

Direction, Management - انتظام - the act of managing something; "he was given overall management of the program".

Broadcast, Circularise, Circularize, Circulate, Diffuse, Disperse, Disseminate, Distribute, Pass Around, Propagate, Spread - پھیلانا - cause to become widely known; "spread information".

Adam, Cristal, Disco Biscuit, Ecstasy, Go, Hug Drug, X, Xtc - ایک نشہ - street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

Loosely, Slackly - ڈھیلے انداز میں - in a relaxed manner; not rigid; "his hands lay loosely".

Offprint, Reprint, Separate - ضمنی طور پر چھاپنا - a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication.

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