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1. Doctor NounDoc, Dr., Md, Medico, Physician

A licensed medical practitioner.

I also wanna be a doctor.
Which doctor do you see?+ More


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2. Doctor VerbDoctor Up, Sophisticate

Alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive.

Doctor up tomato soup.
Sophisticate rose water with geraniol.

ملاوٹ کرنا

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3. Doctor VerbBushel, Fix, Furbish Up, Mend, Repair, Restore, Touch On

Restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken.

Get your mind fixed.
I will fix you good.+ More

ٹھیک کرنا - مرمت کرنا

4. Doctor NounDr.

A person who holds Ph.D. degree (or the equivalent) from an academic institution.

She is a doctor of philosophy in physics.

کسی خاص شعبے کاعالم

See Also

Abortionist - a person (who should be a doctor) who terminates pregnancies.

Allergist - a physician skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

Gastroenterologist - a physician who specializes in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

General Practitioner, Gp - a physician who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses.

Hakeem, Hakim - a Muslim physician.

House Physician, Resident, Resident Physician - a physician (especially an intern) who lives in a hospital and cares for hospitalized patients under the supervision of the medical staff of the hospital.

Houseman, Intern, Interne, Medical Intern - an advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised practical experience (`houseman` is a British term).

Useful Words

Alter, Castrate, Neuter, Spay - remove the ovaries of; "Is your cat spayed?".

As, Equally, Every Bit - to the same degree (often followed by `as`); "As me and you".

Betray, Deceive, Lead Astray - cause someone to believe an untruth; "The insurance company deceived me when they told me they were covering my house".

Intention - an act of intending; a volition that you intend to carry out; "What is your intention?".

Accredited, Commissioned, Licenced, Licensed - given official approval to act; "an accredited college".

Make - act in a certain way so as to acquire; "make friends".

Checkup, Health Check, Medical, Medical Checkup, Medical Exam, Medical Examination - a thorough physical examination; includes a variety of tests depending on the age and health of the person; "He is getting his check up done".

Practician, Practitioner - someone who practices a learned profession.

With - with; "With whom is he?".

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