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1. Eel : بام مچھلی : (Noun) Voracious snakelike marine or freshwater fishes with smooth slimy usually scaleless skin and having a continuous vertical fin but no ventral fins.

Moray, Moray Eel - family of brightly colored voracious eels of warm coastal waters; generally nonaggressive to humans but larger species are dangerous if provoked.

But, Just, Merely, Only, Simply - بس - and nothing more; "Just go outside".

Fin - مچھلی کا بازو یا پر - organ of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals.

Fresh Water, Freshwater - جس میں نمک نہ ہو - water that is not salty; "This is freshwater fish".

Marine - بحری فوجی - a soldier who serves both on shipboard and on land.

No - انکار - a negative; "No buddy".

Scaleless - بے فلس - destitute of scales.

Hide, Pelt, Skin - کھال - body covering of a living animal.

Despicable, Slimy, Ugly, Unworthy, Vile, Worthless, Wretched - گھناونا - morally reprehensible; "stop this despicable conspiracy and punish those involved".

Polish, Shine, Smooth, Smoothen - چمکیلا بنانا - make (a surface) shine; "shine the silver, please".

Serpentine, Snakelike, Snaky - سانپ سے مشابہ - resembling a serpent in form; "a serpentine wall".

Commonly, Normally, Ordinarily, Unremarkably, Usually - عام طور پر - under normal conditions; "usually she was late".

Ventral - بطنی - toward or on or near the belly (front of a primate or lower surface of a lower animal); "the ventral aspect of the human body".

Vertical - عمودی - something that is oriented vertically.

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