1. Egest Verb

کوئی چیز جسم سے نکالنا

Eliminate from the body.

Pass a kidney stone.

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Perspire Sudate Sweat excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin.

Exudate Exude Ooze Ooze Out Transude release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities.

Make Make Water Micturate Pass Water Pee Pee-Pee Piddle Piss Puddle Relieve Oneself Spend A Penny Take A Leak Urinate Wee Wee-Wee eliminate urine.

Urinate pass after the manner of urine.

Ca-Ca Crap Defecate Make Shit Stool Take A Crap Take A Shit have a bowel movement.

Barf Be Sick Cast Cat Chuck Disgorge Honk Puke Purge Regorge Regurgitate Retch Sick Spew Spue Throw Up Upchuck Vomit Vomit Up eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth.

Discharge Eject Exhaust Expel Release eliminate (a substance).

Useful Words

Body Consistence Consistency Eubstance the property of holding together and retaining its shape; "wool has more body than rayon".

Egest Eliminate Excrete Pass eliminate from the body; "Pass a kidney stone".

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