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1. Endless Eternal, Interminable

Tiresomely long; seemingly without end.

Endless debates.
An endless conversation.+ More

نہ ختم ہونے والا

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2. Endless Dateless, Sempiternal

Having no known beginning and presumably no end.

The dateless rise and fall of the tides.
Time is endless.+ More


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3. Endless

Having the ends united so as to form a continuous whole.

An endless chain.

جس کے کونے آپس میں ملے ہوں

See Also

Long - primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified.

Useful Words

Beginning, Commencement, Start - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations".

End, Oddment, Remainder, Remnant - a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold.

Hanker, Long, Yearn - desire strongly or persistently; "Heart is longing to see you".

No - a negative; "No buddy".

Presumably, Presumptively - by reasonable assumption; "presumably, he missed the train".

Apparently, On The Face Of It, Ostensibly, Seemingly - from appearances alone; "irrigation often produces bumper crops from apparently desert land".

Boringly, Tediously, Tiresomely - in a tedious manner; "boringly slow work".

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