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1. Frigidity, Cold, Coldness, Frigidness, Low Temperature : سردی - ٹھنڈ : (Noun) The absence of heat.

It`s getting cold, isn`t it?
How long this summer will last?+ More

Temperature - the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment (corresponding to its molecular activity).

2. Frigidity, Chilliness, Coldness, Coolness, Frigidness, Iciness : سرد مہری - بے مروتی : (Noun) A lack of affection or enthusiasm.

A distressing coldness of tone and manner.

Stone - a lack of feeling or expression or movement.

Absence - غیر حاضری - failure to be present.

Affection, Affectionateness, Fondness, Heart, Philia, Tenderness, Warmheartedness, Warmness - رغبت - a positive feeling of liking; "he had trouble expressing the affection he felt".

Ebullience, Enthusiasm, Exuberance - جوش کی حالت - overflowing with eager enjoyment or approval.

Heat, Heating, Heating Plant, Heating System - گرمی کا نظام - utility to warm a building; "the heating system wasn`t working".

Deficiency, Lack, Want - کمی - the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable; "What is lacking in me?".

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