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1. Head NounCaput

The upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals; contains the face and brains.

Your head is full of kelp.
Head got injured.+ More


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2. Head VerbLead

Be in charge of.

Who is heading this project?

سربراہ ہونا

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3. Head NounBrain, Mind, Nous, Psyche

That which is responsible for one`s thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason.

I have made up my mind.
Have got mind ?+ More

ذہن / عقل

4. Head VerbLead

Travel in front of; go in advance of others.

The procession was headed by John.

سربراہی میں ہونا

5. Head NounChief, Top Dog

A person who is in charge.

The head of the whole operation.

افسر اعلی

6. Head VerbHead Up

Be the first or leading member of (a group) and excel.

This student heads the class.


7. Head VerbChannelise, Channelize, Direct, Guide, Maneuver, Manoeuver, Manoeuvre, Point, Steer

Direct the course; determine the direction of travelling.

راہ دکھانا

8. Head NounFountainhead, Headspring

The source of water from which a stream arises.

They tracked him back toward the head of the stream.

سر چشمہ / ندی کا منبع

9. Head NounHead Word

(grammar) the word in a grammatical constituent that plays the same grammatical role as the whole constituent.

مرکزی لفظ

10. Head NounHead Teacher, Principal, School Principal

The educator who has executive authority for a school.

She sent unruly pupils to see the principal.

پرنسپل / مہتمم

11. Head Noun

An individual person.

Tickets are $5 per head.


12. Head NounForeland, Headland, Promontory

A natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea).

A promontory on the coast of Essex, England.

قدرتی چڑھائی

13. Head NounHeadway

Forward movement.

The ship made little headway against the gale.

آگے کی طرف حرکت

14. Head NounHeader, Heading

A line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about.

The heading seemed to have little to do with the text.


15. Head Noun

The striking part of a tool.

The head of the hammer.


See Also

Animal, Animate Being, Beast, Brute, Creature, Fauna - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement.

Muzzle - forward projecting part of the head of certain animals; includes the jaws and nose.

Body, Organic Structure, Physical Structure - the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being).

Ear - the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.

Brain, Encephalon - that part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull; continuous with the spinal cord.

Human Head - the head of a human being.

Skull - the bony skeleton of the head of vertebrates.

Face, Human Face - the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear.

Useful Words

Be, Exist - have an existence, be extant; "Do ghosts really exist?".

Body, Consistence, Consistency, Eubstance - the property of holding together and retaining its shape; "wool has more body than rayon".

Charge, Commission, Mission - a special assignment that is given to a person or group; "a confidential mission to London".

Face - the general outward appearance of something; "the face of the city is changing".

Front, Movement, Social Movement - a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals; "he was a charter member of the movement".

Homo, Human, Human Being, Man - any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage; "Be a human".

Function, Office, Part, Role - the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group; "the function of a teacher".

Upper - higher in place or position; "the upper bunk".

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