1. Impede VerbHinder

Be a hindrance or obstacle to.

She is impeding the progress of our project.

روڑے اٹکانا

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2. Impede VerbBlock, Close Up, Jam, Obstruct, Obturate, Occlude

Block passage through.

Obstruct the path.

رکاوٹ ڈالنا

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See Also

Block, Close Up, Impede, Jam, Obstruct, Obturate, Occlude - block passage through.

Keep, Prevent - stop (someone or something) from doing something or being in a certain state.

Stunt - check the growth or development of.

Useful Words

Be, Exist - have an existence, be extant; "Do ghosts really exist?".

Block, Blocking - the act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements.

Hinderance, Hindrance, Interference - the act of hindering or obstructing or impeding.

Passage, Transition - the act of passing from one state or place to the next.

Through - (of a route or journey etc.) continuing without requiring stops or changes; "a through street".

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