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1. Interior NounInside

The region that is inside of something.



Midland - the interior part of a country.

2. Interior NounInside

The inner or enclosed surface of something.



3. Interior Home, Internal, National

Inside the country.

The British Home Office has broader responsibilities than the United States Department of the Interior.
The nation's internal politics.

اندرون ملک

ملک کے اندر

4. Interior Inner, Internal

Located inward.

Beethoven's manuscript looks like a bloody record of a tremendous inner battle.
She thinks she has no soul, no interior life, but the truth is that she has no access to it.+ More



5. Interior Midland, Upcountry

Of or coming from the middle of a region or country.

Upcountry districts.

اندرون ملک

Inland - situated away from an area's coast or border.

Useful Words

Enclosed - ملفوف کرنا - closed in or surrounded or included within; "an enclosed porch".

Inner, Interior, Internal - داخلی - located inward; "Beethoven's manuscript looks like a bloody record of a tremendous inner battle".

Inside, Interior - اندرونی - the inner or enclosed surface of something.

Part, Region - خطہ - the extended spatial location of something; "the farming regions of France".

Something - کچھ / کوئی چیز - An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

Surface - سطح - the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary; "there is a special cleaner for these surfaces".

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