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1. Look On VerbWatch

Observe with attention.

They watched as the murderer was executed.

غور کرنا


2. Look On VerbEsteem, Look Upon, Regard As, Repute, Take To Be, Think Of

Look on as or consider.

He is reputed to be intelligent.
She looked on this affair as a joke.+ More

خیال کرنا


Believe, Conceive, Consider, Think - judge or regard; look upon; judge.

Useful Words

Aid, Attention, Care, Tending - نگرانی - the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something; "No medical care was required".

Believe, Conceive, Consider, Think - خیال کرنا - judge or regard; look upon; judge; "I deemed you to be very sensible".

Look, Looking, Looking At - نظر - the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually; "he went out to have a look".

Keep, Maintain, Observe - نظر رکھنا - stick to correctly or closely; "The pianist kept time with the metronome".

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