1. Loosely Adverb

ڈھیلے انداز میں

In a relaxed manner; not rigid.

His hands lay loosely.

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2. Loosely Adverb

سر سری طور پر

Without regard to specific details or exceptions.

He interprets the law broadly.

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Useful Words

Manner Personal Manner a way of acting or behaving; "You don`t have manners to speak ?".

Non Not negation of a word or group of words; "That`s not a thing".

Gaze Regard a long fixed look; "he fixed his paternal gaze on me".

Relaxed without strain or anxiety; "gave the impression of being quite relaxed".

Rigid Stiff incapable of or resistant to bending; "A table made of rigid plastic".

Particular Specific a fact about some part (as opposed to general); "he always reasons from the particular to the general".

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