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1. Misspend Verb

Spend (money or other resources) unwisely.

How do you misspend 42 million ?

پیسہ ضائع کرنا

Drop, Expend, Spend - pay out.

2. Misspend Verb

Spend time badly or unwisely.

He misspent his youth.

وقت ضائع کرنا

Drop, Expend, Spend - pay out.

Useful Words

Badly, Ill, Poorly - برے طریقے سے - (`ill' is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner; not well; "he was ill prepared".

Money - مال - wealth reckoned in terms of money; "I want my money back by tomorrow".

Early, Former, Other - قدیم دور کے متعلق - belonging to the distant past; "the early inhabitants of Europe".

Imagination, Resource, Resourcefulness - رسائی - the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems; "a man of resource".

Drop, Expend, Spend - ادا کرنا - pay out; "spend money".

Clip, Time - بار - an instance or single occasion for some event; "this time he succeeded".

Foolishly, Unwisely - بے عقلی سے - without good sense or judgment; "He acted foolishly when he agreed to come".

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