1. Mistily : دھندلے پن سے : (Adverb) In a misty manner.

The summits of the mountains were mistily purple.

2. Mistily, Vaguely : دھندلے پن سے - مبہم طور پر : (Adverb) In a vague way.

He looked vaguely familiar.
He explained it somewhat mistily.

Manner, Personal Manner - ڈھنگ - a way of acting or behaving; "You don`t have manners to speak ?".

Brumous, Foggy, Hazy, Misty - دھندلا - filled or abounding with fog or mist; "The road ahead is foggy".

Obscure, Vague - مبہم - not clearly understood or expressed; "An obscure turn of phrase".

Agency, Means, Way - طریقہ - how a result is obtained or an end is achieved; "a means of control".

Mistily meaning in English to Urdu dictionary.
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