1. Mistral Noun

شمالی سے چلنے والی ٹھنڈی ہوا

A strong north wind that blows in France during the winter.

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Boreas North Wind Norther Northerly a wind that blows from the north.

Useful Words

During At some time in; concurrently with; "kindly don't sleep during my lectures".

North a location in the northern part of a country, region, or city.

Firm Strong strong and sure; "a firm grasp".

That referring to the farther one; "That`s the way".

Twist Wind Winding the act of winding or twisting; "he put the key in the old clock and gave it a good wind".

Winter Wintertime the coldest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox.

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