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Mother Tongue  

1. Mother Tongue, First Language, Maternal Language : مادری زبان : (Noun) One's native language; the language learned by children and passed from one generation to the next.

Natural Language, Tongue - a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language.

Generation, Multiplication, Propagation - نسل بڑھانے کا عمل - the act of producing offspring or multiplying by such production.

Language, Linguistic Communication - بولی - a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols; "What language is this word from?".

Knowing, Knowledgeable, Learned, Lettered, Well-Educated, Well-Read - اعلی تعلیم یافتہ - highly educated; having extensive information or understanding; "knowing instructors".

Aboriginal, Aborigine, Indigen, Indigene, Native - اصلی باشندہ - an indigenous person who was born in a particular place; "the art of the natives of the northwest coast".

Following, Next - آنے والا - immediately following in time or order; "The following day".

One - ایک - a single person or thing; "Do I say one thing if you dont mind?".

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