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1. Mutton, Mouton : بھیڑ بکری کا گوشت : (Noun) Meat from a mature domestic sheep.

Mutton Biryani.

Meat - the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food.

Domestic, Domestic Help, House Servant - گھریلو ملازم - a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household; "my house servant was very lazy".

Age, Get On, Maturate, Mature, Senesce - عمر بڑھنا - grow old or older; "She aged gracefully".

Center, Centre, Core, Essence, Gist, Heart, Heart And Soul, Inwardness, Kernel, Marrow, Meat, Nitty-Gritty, Nub, Pith, Substance, Sum - روح - the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience; "The essence of generosity is in self sacrifice".

Sheep - بھیڑ - woolly usually horned ruminant mammal related to the goat.

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