1. Office Noun


Place of business where professional or clerical duties are performed.

Have you reached office?
I have been in this office for 10 years. +

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2. Office Noun


An administrative unit of government.

The Central Intelligence Agency.
The Census Bureau. +

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3. Office Noun


The actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group.

The function of a teacher.
The government must do its part. +

4. Office Noun


A job in an organization.

He occupied a post in the treasury.

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Box Office Ticket Booth Ticket Office the office where tickets of admission are sold.

Central Office Headquarters Home Base Home Office Main Office (usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise.

Useful Words

Administrative of or relating to or responsible for administration.

Business Job Line Line Of Work Occupation the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money; "he`s not in my line of business".

Clerical of or relating to the clergy; "clerical collar".

Administration Governance Governing Government Government Activity the act of governing; exercising authority; "What will happen to the government?".

Berth Billet Office Place Position Post Situation Spot a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury".

Master Professional an authority qualified to teach apprentices.

Unit Whole an assemblage of parts that is regarded as a single entity; "how big is that part compared to the whole?".

Where In or to a place or situation in which; "sit where I can see you".

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