1. Pack Noun

کسی شے کی بری تعداد

A large indefinite number.

A battalion of ants.
A multitude of TV antennas in area. +

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2. Pack Verb


Compress into a wad.

Wad paper into the box.

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3. Pack Noun

غنڈوں کی جماعت

An association of criminals.

Police tried to break up the gang of the city.
A pack of thieves. +

4. Pack Noun


An exclusive circle of people with a common purpose.

5. Pack Noun

شکاری جانورں کا گروہ

A group of hunting animals.

6. Pack Verb

ساتھ رکھنا

Have with oneself; have on one's person.

She always takes an umbrella.
I always carry money. +

7. Pack Verb

ایک جگہ گس جانا

Press tightly together or cram.

The crowd packed the auditorium.

8. Pack Noun

چادر یا کمبل لپیٹنا

A sheet or blanket (either dry or wet) to wrap around the body for its therapeutic effect.

9. Pack Verb

بستہ لے کر چلنا کرنا

Hike with a backpack.

Every summer they are backpacking in the Rockies.

10. Pack Verb

دبانا یا بٹھانا

Press down tightly.

Tamp the coffee grinds in the container to make espresso.

11. Pack Verb

کسی مریض کو چادر یا کمبل میں لپیٹ کر علاج کرنا

Treat the body or any part of it by wrapping it, as with blankets or sheets, and applying compresses to it, or stuffing it to provide cover, containment, or therapy, or to absorb blood.

The nurse packed gauze in the wound.
You had better pack your swollen ankle with ice.

Useful Words

Compress a cloth pad or dressing (with or without medication) applied firmly to some part of the body (to relieve discomfort or reduce fever).

Indefinite vague or not clearly defined or stated; "must you be so indefinite?".

Big Enceinte Expectant Gravid Great Heavy Large With Child in an advanced stage of pregnancy; "was big with child".

Figure Number the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals; "he had a number of chores to do".

Chaw Chew Cud Plug Quid Wad a wad of something chewable as tobacco; "Get your own cud".

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