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1. Paul Ludwig Von Beneckendorff Und Von Hindenburg NounHindenburg, Paul Von Hindenburg

German field marshal and statesman; as president of the Weimar Republic he reluctantly appointed Hitler as chancellor in 1933 (1847-1934).

ہنڈنبرگ جرمن سیاستدان

Field Marshal - an officer holding the highest rank in the army.

Useful Words

Appointed, Appointive - subject to appointment.

As, Equally, Every Bit - to the same degree (often followed by `as`); "As me and you".

Chancellor, Premier, Prime Minister - the person who is head of state (in several countries).

Airfield, Field, Flying Field, Landing Field - a place where planes take off and land.

German, German Language, High German - the standard German language; developed historically from West Germanic.

Atomic Number 2, He, Helium - a very light colorless element that is one of the six inert gasses; the most difficult gas to liquefy; occurs in economically extractable amounts in certain natural gases (as those found in Texas and Kansas).

Adolf Hitler, Der Fuhrer, Hitler - German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945).

Marshal, Marshall - (in some countries) a military officer of highest rank.

President - an executive officer of a firm or corporation.

Reluctantly - with reluctance; "Reluctantly he got dressed".

Commonwealth, Democracy, Republic - a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them.

National Leader, Solon, Statesman - a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs.

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