1. Posit Noun


(logic) a proposition that is accepted as true in order to provide a basis for logical reasoning.

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2. Posit Verb

جما کر رکھنا

Put (something somewhere) firmly.

She posited her hand on his shoulder.
Deposit the suitcase on the bench. +

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3. Posit Verb

سامنے رکھنا

Put before.

I submit to you that the accused is guilty.

4. Posit Verb


Take as a given; assume as a postulate or axiom.

He posited three basic laws of nature.

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Logic the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference.

Assumption Premise Premiss a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn.

Useful Words

Accepted Recognised Recognized generally approved or compelling recognition; "several accepted techniques for treating the condition".

As Equally Every Bit to the same degree (often followed by `as`); "As me and you".

Base Basis Cornerstone Foundation Fundament Groundwork the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained; "the whole argument rested on a basis of conjecture".

Firm Firmly Steadfastly Unwaveringly with resolute determination; "we firmly believed it".

Logic the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference; "You have very strange logic".

Coherent Consistent Logical Ordered marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts; "a coherent argument".

Order Ordering the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement; "there were mistakes in the ordering of items on the list".

Proposition a task to be dealt with; "securing adequate funding is a time-consuming proposition".

Cater Ply Provide Supply give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests".

Place Put Set estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 PM".

Something An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

Somewhere an indefinite or unknown location; "She is lost somewhere".

That referring to the farther one; "That`s the way".

True True Up make level, square, balanced, or concentric; "true up the cylinder of an engine".

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