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1. Purge NounPurgation, Purging

The act of clearing yourself (or another) from some stigma or charge.

صفائی پیش کرنے کا عمل

پاک صاف کرنا

Clearing - the act of freeing from suspicion.

2. Purge VerbPurify, Sanctify

Make pure or free from sin or guilt.

Sanctify your money.
He left the monastery purified.

پاک کرنا

Alter, Change, Modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

3. Purge VerbBarf, Be Sick, Cast, Cat, Chuck, Disgorge, Honk, Puke, Regorge, Regurgitate, Retch, Sick, Spew, Spue, Throw Up, Upchuck, Vomit, Vomit Up

Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth.

After drinking too much, the students vomited.
He purged continuously.+ More

الٹی کرنا / قے کرنا

Egest, Eliminate, Excrete, Pass - eliminate from the body.

Useful Words

Act, Deed, Human Action, Human Activity - something that people do or cause to happen; "Whose act is this?".

Another, Some Other - any of various alternatives; some other; "Another day off".

Charge, Commission, Mission - a special assignment that is given to a person or group; "a confidential mission to London".

Clarification, Clearing - the act of removing solid particles from a liquid.

Free, Free People - people who are free; "the home of the free and the brave".

Guilt, Guiltiness - the state of having committed an offense; "What was my guilt ?".

Make - act in a certain way so as to acquire; "make friends".

Sin, Sinning - an act that is regarded by theologians as a transgression of God's will.

Some - relatively many but unspecified in number; "they were here for some weeks".

Stigma - a skin lesion that is a diagnostic sign of some disease.

Ourselves, Ourself, Myself, Himself, Herself, Oneself, Themself, Yourself, Themselves - Used as a reflexive; "God help those who help themselves".

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