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1. Put On VerbAssume, Don, Get Into, Wear

Put clothing on one`s body.

Put it on.
What should I wear today?+ More


لباس پہنا

Dress, Get Dressed - put on clothes.

2. Put On Assumed, False, Fictitious, Fictive, Pretended, Sham

Adopted in order to deceive.

An assumed name.
An assumed cheerfulness.+ More

فرضی / بناوٹی

Counterfeit, Imitative - not genuine; imitating something superior.

3. Put On Verb

Put on the stove or ready for cooking.

Put on the tea, please!


Cookery, Cooking, Preparation - the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat.

4. Put On VerbBefool, Cod, Dupe, Fool, Gull, Put One Across, Put One Over, Slang, Take In

Fool or hoax.

You have been duped.
I duped you.+ More

الو بنانا - بیوقوف بنانا

Kid, Pull The Leg Of - tell false information to for fun.

5. Put On VerbGain

Increase (one's body weight).

She gained 20 pounds when she stopped exercising.

وزن میں اضافہ ہونا

Pack On - gain (weight).

Useful Words

Adopted, Adoptive - اختیاری - acquired as your own by free choice; "my adopted state".

Body, Consistence, Consistency, Eubstance - پیوستگی - the property of holding together and retaining its shape; "wool has more body than rayon".

Article Of Clothing, Clothing, Habiliment, Vesture, Wear, Wearable - لباس - a covering designed to be worn on a person's body.

Betray, Deceive, Lead Astray - دہوکا دینا - cause someone to believe an untruth; "The insurance company deceived me when they told me they were covering my house".

One - ایک / واحد - a single person or thing; "Do I say one thing if you dont mind?".

Order, Ordering - ترتیب - the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement; "there were mistakes in the ordering of items on the list".

Place, Put, Set - اندازہ لگانا - estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 PM".

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