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Qatal Karna : قتل کرنا

1. Despatch, Dispatch : مارنا - قتل کرنا : Killing a person or animal.

2. Destroy, Put Down : قتل کرنا : Put (an animal) to death.

3. Do In, Knock Off, Liquidate, Neutralise, Neutralize, Waste : قتل کرنا - حریف کو قتل کرکے نجات پانا : Get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing.

Shakhs, Insan - Person - a human being; "The person who I told you about".

Haywan, Janwar - Animal - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement; "Get aside, the animal has come".

Qatal - Killing - the act of terminating a life.

Qatal Karnay Ka... - Killing - an event that causes someone to die.

Kaser Munafa, Bohat Bara Faida - Killing - a very large profit.

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