1) Regard NounEsteem, Respect

The condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded).

You don`t deserve to be respected.
Learn to get respected.+ More

عزت / لحاظ

2) Regard NounRespect

(usually preceded by `in') a detail or point.

It differs in that respect.


3) Regard NounCompliments, Wish

(usually plural) a polite expression of desire for someone`s welfare.

My compliments to you.
Pay my regards to Zirdari.+ More

نیک خواہشات

4) Regard VerbConsider, Reckon, See, View

Deem to be.

Have you consider it as your father`s property ?
What do you consider yourself ?+ More


5) Regard NounAttentiveness, Heed, Paying Attention

Paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people).

His attentiveness to her wishes.
He spends without heed to the consequences.


6) Regard VerbAffect, Involve

Connect closely and often incriminatingly.

This new ruling affects your business.

اثر ڈالنا

7) Regard NounGaze

A long fixed look.

He fixed his paternal gaze on me.

جمی ہوئی نظر

8) Regard NounEsteem, Respect

An attitude of admiration or esteem.

She lost all respect for him.


See Also

Stature - high level of respect gained by impressive development or achievement.

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