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1. Sandbank Noun

A submerged bank of sand near a shore or in a river; can be exposed at low tide.

دریا کا کنارہ

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See Also

Bank - a long ridge or pile.

Useful Words

Bank, Coin Bank, Money Box, Savings Bank - a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home; "the coin bank was empty".

Be, Exist - have an existence, be extant; "Do ghosts really exist?".

Can, Tin, Tin Can - airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc..

Exposed, Uncovered - not covered with clothing; "her exposed breast".

Low - a low level or position or degree; "the stock market fell to a new low".

Approach, Come Near, Come On, Draw Close, Draw Near, Go Up, Near - move towards; "As I approached the car".

River - a large natural stream of water (larger than a creek); "the river was navigable for 50 miles".

Backbone, Grit, Gumption, Guts, Moxie, Sand - fortitude and determination; "he didn't have the guts to try it".

Shore, Shoring - a beam or timber that is propped against a structure to provide support.

Subaquatic, Subaqueous, Submerged, Submersed, Underwater - growing or remaining under water; "viewing subaqueous fauna from a glass-bottomed boat".

Tide - the periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon.

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