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1. Siamese NounCentral Thai, Thai

A branch of the Tai languages.

تھائی لینڈ کی زبان

2. Siamese NounTai, Thai

A native or inhabitant of Thailand.

تھائی لینڈ کا باشندہ

Asian, Asiatic - a native or inhabitant of Asia.

Useful Words

Arm, Branch, Limb - شاخ - any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm; "the arm of the record player".

Denizen, Dweller, Habitant, Indweller, Inhabitant - کسی جگہ رہنے والا - a person who inhabits a particular place.

Language, Linguistic Communication - بولی - a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols; "What language is this word from?".

Aboriginal, Aborigine, Indigen, Indigene, Native - اصلی باشندہ - an indigenous person who was born in a particular place; "the art of the natives of the northwest coast".

Siamese, Tai, Thai - تھائی لینڈ کا باشندہ - a native or inhabitant of Thailand.

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