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1. Strength Noun

The property of being physically or mentally strong.

Fatigue sapped his strength.



Brawn, Brawniness, Heftiness, Muscle, Muscularity, Sinew - possessing muscular strength.

2. Strength NounMilitary Capability, Military Posture, Military Strength, Posture

Capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war.

We faced an army of great strength.
Politicians have neglected our military posture.



Sea Power - naval strength.

3. Strength NounForce, Forcefulness

Physical energy or intensity.

He hit with all the force he could muster.
It was destroyed by the strength of the gale.+ More



Brunt - main force of a blow etc.

4. Strength NounForte, Long Suit, Metier, Speciality, Specialty, Strong Point, Strong Suit

An asset of special worth or utility.

Cooking is his forte.

کسی شخص کی خاص صلاحیت


Asset, Plus - a useful or valuable quality.

5. Strength NounDurability, Enduringness, Lastingness

Permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force.

They advertised the durability of their products.



Indestructibility - the strength to resist destruction.

Useful Words

Affect, Bear On, Bear Upon, Impact, Touch, Touch On - have an effect upon; "Will the new rules affect me?".

Being, Organism - a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently.

Capability, Capableness - the quality of being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally; "he worked to the limits of his capability".

Capacity - capability to perform or produce; "among his gifts is his capacity for true altruism".

Fight - a boxing or wrestling match; "the fight was on television last night".

Equipage, Materiel - equipment and supplies of a military force.

Mentally - in your mind; "he suffered mentally".

Personnel, Personnel Department, Personnel Office, Staff Office - the department responsible for hiring and training and placing employees and for setting policies for personnel management.

Physically - in accord with physical laws; "it is physically impossible".

Place, Property - any area set aside for a particular purpose; "who owns this place?".

Firm, Strong - strong and sure; "a firm grasp".

That - referring to the farther one; "That`s the way".

War - a concerted campaign to end something that is injurious; "the war on poverty".

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