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1. Sublunar AdjectiveCislunar, Sublunary

Situated between the earth and the moon.

زمین اور چاند کے درمیان

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2. Sublunar Sublunary, Terrestrial

Of this earth.

Transcendental motives for sublunary actions.
Fleeting sublunary pleasures.+ More

زمین سے متعلق

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Useful Words

'tween, Between - in between; "two houses with a tree between".

Earth, Earthly Concern, World, Worldly Concern - the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife; "they consider the church to be independent of the world".

Moon - the natural satellite of the Earth; "once in a blue moon".

Located, Placed, Set, Situated - situated in a particular spot or position; "valuable centrally located urban land".

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