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1. Suspicion NounHunch, Intuition

An impression that something might be the case.

He had an intuition that something had gone wrong.


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2. Suspicion NounDistrust, Misgiving, Mistrust

Doubt about someone`s honesty.

Trend of distrust in police.


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3. Suspicion NounSuspiciousness

Being of a suspicious nature.

His suspiciousness destroyed his marriage.

شک کرنے کی عادت

See Also

Belief, Feeling, Impression, Notion, Opinion - a vague idea in which some confidence is placed.

Useful Words

About, Astir - on the move; "up and about".

Be, Exist - have an existence, be extant; "Do ghosts really exist?".

Case, Causa, Cause, Lawsuit, Suit - a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy; "the family brought suit against the landlord".

Doubt, Doubtfulness, Dubiety, Dubiousness, Incertitude, Uncertainty - the state of being unsure of something; "You cast doubt on everything".

Honestness, Honesty - the quality of being honest; "honesty is the best policy".

Impression - the act of pressing one thing on or into the surface of another; "he watched the impression of the seal on the hot wax".

Might, Mightiness, Power - physical strength; "Might is right".

Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul - a human being; "Unknown individuals".

Something - An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

That - referring to the farther one; "That`s the way".

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