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1. Throw Away VerbCast Aside, Cast Away, Cast Out, Chuck Out, Discard, Dispose, Fling, Put Away, Throw Out, Toss, Toss Away, Toss Out

Throw or cast away.

Put away your worries.

پھینک دینا


Unlearn - discard something previously learnt, like an old habit.

2. Throw Away VerbCast, Cast Off, Drop, Shake Off, Shed, Throw, Throw Off

Get rid of.

He shed his image as a pushy boss.
Shed your clothes.

نجات پا لینا

Remove, Take, Take Away, Withdraw - remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.

Useful Words

Away - not present; having left; "he's away right now".

Cast, Hurl - a violent throw; "He hurled a shoe".

Beget, Bring Forth, Engender, Father, Generate, Get, Mother, Sire - make children; "Abraham begot Isaac".

Disembarrass, Free, Rid - relieve from; "Get rid of him ?".

Throw - a single chance or instance; "he couldn't afford $50 a throw".

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