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1. Trailer NounDawdler, Drone, Laggard, Lagger, Poke

Someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind.

پیچھے رہ جانے والا

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2. Trailer NounPreview, Prevue

An advertisement consisting of short scenes from a motion picture that will appear in the near future.

فلم کا اشتہار

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3. Trailer NounHouse Trailer

A wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy.

ٹریلر / ٹرک کا پچھلا حصہ

See Also

Bum, Do-Nothing, Idler, Layabout, Loafer - person who does no work.

Lingerer, Loiterer - someone who lingers aimlessly in or about a place.

Plodder, Slowcoach, Slowpoke, Stick-In-The-Mud - someone who moves slowly.

Straggler, Strayer - someone who strays or falls behind.

Useful Words

Ad, Advert, Advertisement, Advertising, Advertizement, Advertizing - a public promotion of some product or service.

Appear - come into sight or view; "He suddenly appeared at the wedding".

Arse, Ass, Backside, Behind, Bottom, Bum, Buns, Butt, Buttocks, Can, Derriere, Fanny, Fundament, Hind End, Hindquarters, Keister, Nates, Posterior, Prat, Rear, Rear End, Rump, Seat, Stern, Tail, Tail End, Tooshie, Tush - the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on; "he deserves a good kick in the butt".

Future, Futurity, Hereafter, Time To Come - the time yet to come; "Hope hereafter would be good".

More, More Than - (comparative of `much` used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning greater in size or amount or extent or degree; "For how many time more?".

Motion, Move, Movement - the act of changing location from one place to another; "police controlled the motion of the crowd".

Approach, Come Near, Come On, Draw Close, Draw Near, Go Up, Near - move towards; "As I approached the car".

Essential, Necessary, Necessity, Requirement, Requisite - anything indispensable; "food and shelter are necessities of life".

Painting, Picture - graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface; "She is getting face painting done".

Short, Short-Change - cheat someone by not returning him enough money.

Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul - a human being; "Unknown individuals".

Than - Used for comparison; "She is a better than I".

That - referring to the farther one; "That`s the way".

Clip, Time - an instance or single occasion for some event; "this time he succeeded".

Who - interrogatively; "Who is he to you?".

Volition, Will - the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention; "I went there on your wish".

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