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1. Wastefulness NounThriftlessness, Waste

The trait of wasting resources.

A life characterized by thriftlessness and waste.
The wastefulness of missed opportunities.


2. Wastefulness NounDissipation, Waste

Useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly.

If the effort brings no compensating gain it is a waste.
Mindless dissipation of natural resources.


Boondoggle - work of little or no value done merely to look busy.

Useful Words

Activeness, Activity - مستعدی - the trait of being active; moving or acting rapidly and energetically; "the level of activity declines with age".

Carelessly, Heedlessly - لا پروائی سے - without care or concern; "carelessly raised the children's hopes without thinking of their possible disappointment".

Consuming, Overwhelming - انتہائی - very intense; "Overwhelming joy".

Expending, Expenditure - اخراجات - the act of spending money for goods or services.

Imagination, Resource, Resourcefulness - رسائی - the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems; "a man of resource".

Thoughtlessly, Unthinking, Unthinkingly - بے پروائی - in a thoughtless manner; "he stared thoughtlessly at the picture".

Trait - خاصیت - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature.

Atrophy, Wasting, Wasting Away - عدم نمو - a decrease in size of an organ caused by disease or disuse.

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