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آنکھ کا پٹّھہ : Aankh Ka Pattha Meaning in English


Aankh Ka Pattha in Detail

1) آنکھ کا پٹھہ : Abducens Muscle Lateral Rectus Lateral Rectus Muscle Rectus Lateralis : (noun) the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball outward.

Useful Words

پٹھے کا سکڑاو : Contracture , عضلہ جو سکڑنے پر کسی حصے کو جھکاتا ہے : Flexor , دل کے پٹھے : Cardiac Muscle , ایسا عضلہ جو سکڑنے پر جسم کے کسی حصے کو سیدھا کرتا ہے : Extensor , تشنج سے متعلق : Clonic , آنکھ کی پتلی کا سکڑاؤ : Light Reflex , مختصرالعمل عضلے کو آرام پہنچانے والا : Succinylcholine , پرٹین کا مجموعہ : Actomyosin , ڈھیلا ہونا : Relaxation , پٹھہ جس کے دو سرے ہوں : Biceps , آنکھ کی پتلی کا پھیلنا : Mydriasis , ہم اندازہ ورزش : Isometric Exercise , سالمے کے اندر : Intramuscular , ران کے اگلے حصے کا ایک بڑا پٹھہ : Musculus Quadriceps Femoris , سکڑنے والا عضو : Agonist , عضلے کی سوزش : Myositis , پٹہوں سے متعلق : Muscular , مڑنے والا حصہ : Fold , عضلہ میلانی : Pronator , عضلات میں درد : Myalgia , عضلاتی نسیج کو کاٹنا : Myotomy , عضلاتی نسیج کی رسولی : Myoma , دل کا غیر معمولی دھڑکنا : Arrhythmia , جبڑی پٹھا : Masseter , ارادی طور پر اعضا وغیرہ کا حرکت نہ کر سکنا : Dyskinesia , گلٹی : Eminence , آنکہوں کا زیادہ جھپکنا : Blepharospasm , بازوکا پٹھا : Triceps , پیٹ : Venter , یوٹرس کی دبیز عضلاتی دیوار : Myometrium , پیٹ کا پٹھہ : Abdominal External Oblique Muscle

Useful Words Definitions

Contracture: an abnormal and usually permanent contraction of a muscle.

Flexor: a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint.

Cardiac Muscle: the muscle tissue of the heart; adapted to continued rhythmic contraction.

Extensor: a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part.

Clonic: of or relating to abnormal neuromuscular activity characterized by rapidly alternating muscle contraction and relaxation.

Light Reflex: reflex contraction of the sphincter muscle of the iris in response to a bright light (or certain drugs) causing the pupil to become smaller.

Succinylcholine: a muscle relaxant for striated muscle that is used as an adjunct to anesthesia during certain surgical procedures.

Actomyosin: a protein complex in muscle fibers; composed of myosin and actin; shortens when stimulated and causes muscle contractions.

Relaxation: (physiology) the gradual lengthening of inactive muscle or muscle fibers.

Biceps: any skeletal muscle having two origins (but especially the muscle that flexes the forearm).

Mydriasis: reflex pupillary dilation as a muscle pulls the iris outward; occurs in response to a decrease in light or certain drugs.

Isometric Exercise: muscle-building exercises (or a system of musclebuilding exercises) involving muscular contractions against resistance without movement (the muscles contracts but the length of the muscle does not change).

Intramuscular: within a muscle.

Musculus Quadriceps Femoris: a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg.

Agonist: a muscle that contracts while another relaxes.

Myositis: inflammation of muscle tissue.

Muscular: of or relating to or consisting of muscle.

Fold: a folded part (as in skin or muscle).

Pronator: a muscle that produces or assists in pronation.

Myalgia: pain in a muscle or group of muscles.

Myotomy: surgical incision or division of a muscle.

Myoma: a benign tumor composed of muscle tissue.

Arrhythmia: an abnormal rate of muscle contractions in the heart.

Masseter: a large muscle that raises the lower jaw and is used in chewing.

Dyskinesia: abnormality in performing voluntary muscle movements.

Eminence: a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament.

Blepharospasm: spasm of the eyelid muscle resulting in closure of the eye.

Triceps: any skeletal muscle having three origins (but especially the triceps brachii).

Venter: a bulging body part (as the belly of a muscle).

Myometrium: the smooth muscle forming the wall of the uterus.

Abdominal External Oblique Muscle: a diagonally arranged abdominal muscle on either side of the torso.

Close Words

آنکھ : Eye , آنکھ کا دیدہ : Eyeball , آنکھیں مارنا : Wink , آنکھوں کے پٹھوں کی سوزش : Orbital Myositis , آنکھ کی پتلی : Iris , آنکھ کا شفاخانہ : Eye Clinic , آنکھ کی رگ : Abducens , آنکھ کے نیچے کی ہڈی : Cheekbone , آنکھ کی بیماری : Acute Glaucoma , پردہ چشم : Retina , آنکھ کے ڈھیلے کے اوپر کی جھلی : Cornea

Close Words Definitions

Eye: the organ of sight.

Eyeball: the ball-shaped capsule containing the vertebrate eye.

Wink: signal by winking.

Orbital Myositis: an inflammatory of the extraocular muscles.

Iris: muscular diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil which in turn controls the amount of light that enters the eye; it forms the colored portion of the eye.

Eye Clinic: a clinic where specialist care for a patient`s eyes.

Abducens: a small motor nerve supplying the lateral rectus muscle of the eye.

Cheekbone: the arch of bone beneath the eye that forms the prominence of the cheek.

Acute Glaucoma: glaucoma in which the iris blocks the outflow of aqueous humor.

Retina: the innermost light-sensitive membrane covering the back wall of the eyeball; it is continuous with the optic nerve.

Cornea: the transparent dome-shaped anterior portion of the outer covering of the eye; it covers the iris and pupil and is continuous with the sclera.

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