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انگریزی کا پہلا حرف : Angrezi Ka Pehla Harf Meaning in English

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Angrezi Ka Pehla Harf in Detail

1) A : انگریزی کا پہلا حرف : (noun) the 1st letter of the Roman alphabet.

Useful Words

کسی مضمون کا ابتدائی مرحلہ : Abc, Abc's, Abcs, Alphabet, First Principle, First Rudiment, Rudiment : the elementary stages of any subject (usually plural). "He mastered only the rudiments of geometry"

حروف تہجی : Alphabet : a character set that includes letters and is used to write a language. "Alphabet written on board"

مراسلہ : Letter, Missive : a written message addressed to a person or organization. "Get the letter written"

انعام حاصل کرنا : Letter, Varsity Letter : an award earned by participation in a school sport. "He won letters in three sports"

رومی : Roman : a resident of modern Rome.

روم کا باشندہ : Roman : an inhabitant of the ancient Roman Empire.

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