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1) Code Of Conduct, Code Of Behavior : ضابطہ : (noun) a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group.

Related : Rule : something regarded as a normative example. Protocol : code of correct conduct.

Useful Words

Any : کوئی : to any degree or extent. "It isn`t any great thing".

Binding : لازمی : executed with proper legal authority. "A binding contract".

Considered : سوچا سمجھا : carefully weighed. "A considered opinion".

Conventional : روایتی : following accepted customs and proprieties. "Conventional wisdom".

Expectation, Outlook, Prospect : توقع : belief about (or mental picture of) the future.

Group, Grouping : گروہ : any number of entities (members) considered as a unit.

Fellow Member, Member : رکن : one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization). "Only members will be admitted".

Particular, Specific : کوئی خاص خوبی : a fact about some part (as opposed to general). "He always reasons from the particular to the general".

Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul : شخص : a human being. "Every individual was gone through corona test before passing the immigration".

Principle, Rule : اصول : a basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct. "Their principles of composition characterized all their works".

Lay, Place, Pose, Position, Put, Set : رکھنا : put into a certain place or abstract location. "Where do I put it ?".

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