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حسابی نظام : Hisabi Nizam Meaning in English

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1) حسابی نظام : Accounting Accounting System Method Of Accounting : (noun) a bookkeeper`s chronological list of related debits and credits of a business; forms part of a ledger of accounts.


Useful Words

حساب کرنا : Account : keep an account of. "Give an account to me".

کاروباری حساب لکھنے والا : Bookkeeper : someone who records the transactions of a business.

تجارت : Business : a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it. "His business grew fast".

تاریخ وارانہ : Chronological : relating to or arranged according to temporal order. "Chronological age".

سہرا : Credit : approval. "Give her recognition for trying".

واجب الادا رقم : Debit : an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing. "My debit account in bank".

جسم : Anatomy : alternative names for the body of a human being. "Anatomy of liver and surrounding".

دستاویز : Account Book : a record in which commercial accounts are recorded. "Show your business ledger book".

فہرست : List : a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics).

حصہ : Component : something determined in relation to something that includes it. "He wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself".

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