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Kisi Elaqy Men Ewami Chwok : کِسی علاقے میں عوامی چوک

1. Piazza, Place, Plaza : کسی علاقے میں عوامی چوک - عوامی چوک : (noun) a public square with room for pedestrians.

Kamra : Room : an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling. "My room got changed or not?"

Ek Qisim Ka Auzar : Square : a hand tool consisting of two straight arms at right angles; used to construct or test right angles. "The carpenter who built this room must have lost his square"

Aam Log, Log, Ewami, Awaam, Aam : Public : people in general considered as a whole. "He is a hero in the eyes of the public"

Chorangi : Square : an open area at the meeting of two or more streets.

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